My name is Anni Daulter and I love making all things look beautiful! I am so glad you have landed on my website to play a little and get to know me. I have been led from gig to gig by the shear blessing of the universe, and I live my life in deep gratitude for everyone I have met and every project I have been blessed with. Not only do I bring an artists eye to everything I accomplish and create, I am proud to also show up with high vibration, smiles and a kick ass work ethic! I have been a part of many projects, but I will say one of my skills is working very fast and with intention. I have styled entire cookbooks of 60 recipes in one week with only one assistant! A few times! I love playing with food and design and if you like my organic, natural and current style, please reach out and let's talk about your project!

Some books I have styled:

Bites on a board By Anni Daulter

publisher: Gibbs Smith

Flatbread By Anni Daulter and jessica Rose Booth

publisher: Gibbs Smith

Moon Milk By Anni Daulter and Jessica Rose Booth + Alexis Donahue

publisher: Gibbs Smith


MASHED By Holly Herrick

publisher: Gibbs Smith

Sacred Medicine Cupboard By Anni Daulter, Jessica Booth 

publisher: North Atlantic Books

distributor: Random House

Caramel By Carol Bloom

publisher: Gibbs Smith

Meringue By Linda Jackson + Jennifer Evans Gardner

publisher: Gibbs Smith

Naturally Fun Parties for Kids By Anni Daulter

publisher: Sellers

The Organic Family Cookbook By Anni Daulter

publisher: Sellers


Ice Pop Joy By Anni Daulter

publisher: Sellers

Bountiful Baby Purees By Anni Daulter

publisher: Fair Winds Press

@ 2016 by Anni Daulter

Email: Deliciousgratitude@gmail.com

Tel: 310-482-7574

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